Ikandi Bundle Hair Care Tips

Below we have listed some tips on daily hair care to keep your Hair Extensions looking healthy, just like when you first got them, without proper maintenance it will not last.

*We highly recommend co-washing your hair extensions before installing*

When washing the hair  please handle the extensions with care.  Do not vigorously rube the bundles together. Finger combing is the best way to detangle your bundles.   

Before you install your bundles, we strongly suggest that your Co-Wash your bundles condition 2x for the best results. Rinse the conditioner out until there are no suds left. 

Rinsing the product out is highly recommended. Failing to do so will result in STIFF and DULL bundles.

Allow your bundles time to dry before installing preferable air dry

Remember you bundles must be treated like your real hair. If you take care of you bundles your bundles will take care of you

*Only use moisturizing and hydrating products for co-washing and shampooing purposes* Herbal Essence Conditioner 

 General Care 

  1. Use sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner (Preferably Herbal Essence) on your extensions. (Sulfate products are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair.)
  2. Use lukewarm water to retain moisture, Deep condition your bundles once a week.
  3. Before going to bed wrap your hair with a satin bundle or scarf.
  4. Only cut your wefts when necessary otherwise we advise all our customers not to cut the wefts. Cutting your weft could cause the hair to shed.
  5. Never sleep on wet hair, sleeping on wet hair could lead to matting

Curly Textures

*Curly textures often require additional maintenance*

  1. After washing your curly hair bundles only use wide tooth comb
  2. Make sure you comb your curly hair bundles from bottom to top
  3. Detangle your curly hair bundles while wet use your fingers and a wide tooth comb.
  4. Do not use excessive oils on the extensions this could lead to matting.
  5. Let your curly bundles hair air dry to reduce frizz.
  6. Please do no comb your hair after it is dry.
  7. We recommend not putting heat on you bundles continuously.


    *Curly hair bundles are best kept in the original state. Heating over a prolong period could create a shorten life span leading to heat damage*

    *Combing or brushing your bundles after dry time could cause potential shedding tangling or matting. *


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